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Week/week Analytics Comparison

July 26, 2010

In this post you’ll see that I provided an analytics snapshot for my traffic/adsense from 7/2-8.  I’m going to compare it to 7/19-25 just to see the difference.  To be strictly fair I should do parallel weeks but I’m motivated to do it now so if I want it done at all… 🙂

7/2-8 Summary

  • 157 visits
  • 3.12 pages/visit
  • 22 visits/day
  • 66.88% traffic from Search Engines
  • 29.94% traffic from Google
  • Adsense Revenue – $63.88
  • Average Adsense/day – $9.13

7/19-25 Analytics Stats

As you can see, I’ve almost tripled my number of visitors which is great.  I’m even getting traffic on the dreaded weekends. 🙂  My pages per visit has gone up slightly and my bounce rate is better.  All-in-all, a very good result.

The percentage of traffic I’m getting from SEs has stayed about the same but the % of traffic I’m getting from Google has risen almost 15%.  My referring sites is up but I think a lot of that has to do with admins checking out my site after I drop a link on theirs.  I’m getting a surprising amount of traffic from who I’d never heard of before this.  It’s classified as referral traffic but I think it’s more Search since is a search aggregater.  Squidoo has taken a bit of a tumble, sending me only about 3% of my traffic during that week. I think I need to focus on promoting it more.

7/19-25 Adsense Stats

While there were a couple bad adsense days in this week, overall my adsense revenue has almost tripled – which makes sense as my traffic has almost tripled as well.  My daily average was $23.10 which is more than double what it was and more than I need for my daily travel budget – so I’ll be leaving soon. 🙂  My average click amount went up slightly to $2.22/click.

Once again, this section is the most interesting., which provided only 10% of my traffic brought in over 65% of my revenue!  That’s crazy but it shows that the traffic from is much more targeted and converts better.  Similarly, Squidoo, which only brought about 3% of my traffic, provided 11% of my revenue.  Definitely need to be promoting that more.

And Google!  What’s up with that!?  As my primary traffic source, with 43% coming from them, you’d think that they’d be responsible for more than 4% of my traffic.  Very strange!

I’ve no idea where the yahoo mail came from unless someone has subscribed to my feed and through that clicked a link…

All-in-all, I’m very happy with these results.  If I can continue on this path I’ll be more than pleased.

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