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Adsense, Analytics & I’m Baaaccckkk!

July 9, 2010

On July 2 I started tracking my Adsense through my Google Analytics account.  I hadn’t bothered doing it before because 1) I wasn’t making enough to make it worthwhile and 2) I just never really paid that much attention to my analytics.  However, since I was starting this experiment I thought I should not only pay closer attention to my stats but I should also track my adsense in a better way.

Now I’m wondering why I waited so long!

If you’ve not used it yet, I strongly suggest you connect your adsense to your analytics because the data you can pull from it is amazing.  I’m going to go over both the stats section (which most people know) and the Adsense section in this post.

The numbers will be a bit off since I connected them in the middle of the day on the 2nd so therefore missed both some traffic stats and some adsense click stats.  But, it’ll be close enough and it’ll be a good benchmark because…I’m out of the dance!  That’s right, I’m back in the top 200 for most of my keywords for my main URL.  Not on page 1 yet, but that will come.  I’m just glad to be back in the land of the living.

But now I will be able to do a good comparison between last week when I was in Google’s no mans land and this week when I’m back to normal.

Analytics stats 7/2-7/8

Since most people who would be reading this are familiar with Google Analytics, I’m going to go over this part quickly.  Below is a screen shot of my traffic for the week of 7/2-8.

As you can see my traffic is nothing to write home about.  I average a little over 22 visitors per day and I had very little traffic over the holiday weekend.  The weekend traffic dip is pretty standard for this site.  It’s in the finance niche and I think most people just want to enjoy their weekend and not think about their financial issues.

My bounce rate isn’t all that great, but if I get them to stay, they tend to stay for a while which is good.  Over 98% of my traffic is from the US but occasionally I get some random foreigner poking around. 🙂

Almost more interesting than how many visitors I get is how they get there.  This helps me know where my offsite SEO is coming into play.

Fully 2/3 of my traffic came from search engines.  Of that, most came from Google even though I was off the radar for most of my primary keywords.  I expect that these numbers will increase dramatically now that the dance is over.

What’s interesting to me is my squidoo traffic.  This week my lense accounted for over 11% of my visitors which just goes to show that building solid Web 2.0 properties is important not only for backlinking but for driving traffic.  Since I’m working on promoting my Squidoo lense I anticipate that the amount of traffic I get from it will increase even if the % of traffic it brings goes down.

All-in-all, I’m disappointed in the amount of traffic I’m getting because this site has the potential to do so much better.  But I’m encouraged because if it’s getting this amount of traffic now while it’s doing poorly in the SERPs it’ll only get better from here on out.

Now, on to the fun part – the money. 🙂

Adsense Stats 7/2-8

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly suggest you integrate your adsense and analytics accounts.  The data you can mine from it is great.  I’m just going to give a broad overview today but there are lots of videos on YouTube that go into much greater detail about just what information you can pull off of the site.

For those who don’t know (as I didn’t) once you integrate your accounts, you can view your adsense data thorough the content section of your analytics account.  When you get there the first screen you get to is the overview page.  Honestly, at this point, it’s the only screen I use.  All of the info I need is right there all nice and pretty and while some day I may choose to drill down further, for now this page meets my needs.

As you can see, this chart shows basically what you see on your adsense account but with a few additions.  The number I like most is the Adsense Revenue/1000 Visits. 🙂  It gives me something to strive for.

According to this I made $56.30 in this 7 day period.  That amount should actually be $63.88 as there were a couple clicks missing from the 2nd.  This gets me an average of $9.13 per day which isn’t too bad with an average click value of $2.20.  I need $20/day to fund my travel budget so it’s very possible that once I increase the SERPs and traffic this single site can support all of my financial needs.

Again, however, the most interesting information is actually below the pretty chart.  As usual, the interesting stuff is in the details.

This is the money section.  In here, you can see exactly which pages are making you the most money.  For me, it’s my landing page.  However, I have several other pages that also bring in good money via adsense.  This tells me that these pages convert fairly well so I should probably spend some time promoting them to get them to the top of the SERPs so they get more traffic.

Also in this section you can see which referral site(s) make you the most money so you know which you should work harder on building up.  For me it’s my Squidoo lense.  It accounts for almost 10% of my revenue – which isn’t surprising since it counts for 11% of my traffic.  But what this really tells me is that the traffic from my Squidoo lense clicks ads so getting that lens to rank higher will get me earning more money.

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