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7/8/10 SERPs

July 8, 2010

I feel like a broken record: “Getting worse in Google, getting better in Yahoo”. It’s the same day after day.  Yawn!  It’s been 10- days since I started this experiment.

In that time I’ve tanked in Google, gone up a lot in Yahoo, gone up a little in Bing.  My sitewide backlinks have gone from 47 to 175.  I have created 6 autoblogs (that haven’t been deleted) and over 1000 links.

My squidoo lense is on page 1 in Yahoo but I’m not sure where it is in google as the tool I was using has died on me.

The website in the #1 spot for my main target keyword has 966 sitewide backlinks.

It seems that I need to focus on getting my backlinks indexed.  I think I’m going to load them all up in Bookmarking Demon and ping them.  As it is, I’ve created more than enough links to overtake spot 1, they just need to be found and Google needs to let me go back to where I should be. 🙂  I’m hoping to see some improvement at the 2 week mark which would be on July 12.  Here’s hopin’!

At least my Adsense is still doing fairly well.  My traffic has dropped and as a result my earnings are down but my CPC is still up so I’ll take it.


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