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Today Was Intense

July 1, 2010

Today was intense but very productive.  By 7:30 this morning I had created 5 new autoblogs (which each have 7-9 articles on them right now) and over 200 backlinks.  That’s more than some people do in a day but not me…  I spent the next 14 hours messing around sorting through forums, searching out footprints, testing a couple methods and basically working my finger to the nub.  It’s now 9:30 PM and after a 16 hour day I’m calling it quits – after I post my stats.

As it’s day 2 of the dance and my traffic was terrible today.  Usually Sunday is my worst traffic day but today was a close second.  All but one of my visitors came from my *very* long-tail keywords and none from any high-traffic keywords.  But, that’s not surprising considering the dump I took in the SERPs yesterday.  What is surprising is that even with such a small amount of traffic, I still made over $14 $17 in adsense today from this site. and there are still 4 more hours to go… Guess I can’t complain about the traffic if what I am getting is earning me decent money. 🙂

Now, off to finish the stats so I can watch a movie and chill out for a bit.

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