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7/1/10 SERPs

July 1, 2010

Google may not like me but Yahoo does!  Almost all of my keywords took a nice jump up in Yahoo today.  Now I even have 3 KW on page 1 of the Yahoo SERPs.  That’s pretty sweet!  Google is still down and I’ve noticed that some of the internal pages that are ranked are category pages from my blog – which are 100% new.  Odd.  Anyway, on with the show. I’m putting in an image going forward because posting a nice looking table into wordpress is more trouble than it’s worth.

July 1 2010 SERP Results

My Squidoo Lense is back to 227 but I expect it to fall even more as the backlinks I’ve been pushing to it get found.

My sitewide backlinks are up to 85 now (from 47 originally) with links from one of my autoblogs starting to show – unfortunately it was one that was deleted a few days ago. 🙂  But, I just checked today and most of them are indexed so they should start popping up soon.

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