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I’m Doin’ the Dance

June 29, 2010

Yesterday was an awesome day for adsense with my grand total for this site being $25 for the day.  As I’d been averaging $2-5 per day for months, this was a nice incentive to keep on working.  I also had some rockin’ traffic with 137 views.

Then today comes.  I’ve not checked my SERPs (mostly because I can get a bit obsessive about it and I don’t want to foster that trait :)) but I’m pretty sure I’ve dropped in the SERPs due to the backlinks I’ve been building.  My traffic is down from yesterday and while I’m getting traffic from my *really* LTKWs, I’ve only gotten 2 visitors from more general terms (that actually get decent search traffic.

Because of this, I’m pretty sure I’m doing the google dance.  But that’s ok and it’s to be expected.  I’ve done virtually no marketing of the site so it is normal that I’ll see some fluctuation now that I’m mucking with things a bit.  I expect it’ll settle down in a week or two.

In the mean time, I’m continuing to follow my strategy (this is they key – if your site drops in the search, KEEP BACKLINKING!) and all should be good in the end.

I have learned one lesson so far though and that’s that I need to let my autoblogs age for at least a week before I start promoting them because I had one go poof last night.  Guess the owner didn’t like my content even though it was actually high quality.  It wasn’t a huge deal because I hadn’t started promoting it yet but if I had, all that work would have been lost.  So, I’ll build them and let them grow for a week before I start backlinking to them because I think if they were going to be deleted they’d be gone by then.

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